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No more LiveJournal for me.

I don't hardly ever look at my LJ anymore, as most of the people I followed have stopped using it.

I only really kept it around for my comics.  And for that purpose, I've now switched over to Tumblr.  So if you'd like to still see my occasional sketches / comics, check out my Tumblr site.

OC Guest Comic

My guest comic is on the front page of Overcompensating today!  I'm so psyched.  If you clicked over from OC, hi!  There are two other OC-related fan comics I have done that you might also enjoy.  Just scroll down a bit!

When I saw Jeffrey at SPX this year, I promised him another comic.  I had been planning to give it to him at NEWW, but the money wasn't there to make the trip this year.  And then my Photoshop decided to stop working, so I said to hell with that and broke out the colored pencils.  Anyways, that is the story behind this comic.

(Note: Sexy-times at NEWW are almost entirely Ryan North-related.  At least, from my experience last year.)

An Overcompensating Fan Comic

Started work on this a year ago, finally bothered to finish it. 

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Hourly comics day

Here are my hourly comics for today, Hourly Comics Day.  Sorry if they are kind of crappy.

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Hourly comics for Tue 5 Jan 2010

Out of boredom, I decided to try my hand at doing comics for every hour I was awake this past Tuesday.  Y'know, just to see if I could.  These were done pen on paper towel, most of 'em at work.  The first one is pretty illegible, so I traced over it in Photoshop (yay, tablet use!) for ease of reading.
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Jeffrey Todd

I realized that since the Dumbrella forum is no longer online, and Jeffrey Rowland's LJ is hacked and gone, my Sweeney Todd / Overcompensating mash-up comic is no longer available anywhere on the internet. I figure I should re-post that here.


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I'm currently working on another OC fan project, so look for that coming soon.

Here is yet another comic by me

nobody wants the truth

I stayed up all night to make it.


Here is another comic.

it is nice to get mail
I am thinking of calling my comic "Nothing Important Happened Today"


Here is a comic I made.


A Thing Only Because I Was Curious

An odd list of movies? I dunno. Some of them are no brainers, some of them are just brainless. I'm not really sure what the point is.

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